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Quality Control and Testing

At Elsa energy, we believe that the effectiveness in learning lies within the finer details. Each hiccups and problems breaks learners from their immersion and disrupts their ability to retain the learning materials. Our experienced team of instructional designers, developers, project managers, subject matter experts and analyst strive together to bring the best learning experience.

Our digital learning solutions undergoes strict standardized quality control which allows for our different solutions offering to have the same quality output.

Learning Flow Stress Test
Learning Flow stress test

First and foremost, during the first stage of development of our Digital learning, a Learning Flow is produced that sets the tone for the entire project in terms of type of contents, software’s and technology that will be used. The Learning Flow stress test are a series of questions, assessments and refining process which repeatedly tests whether the framework is of the best cost to value ratio.

The stress test at the end target to ensure that the Learning flow meets business learning objectives at the best value available.

Knowledge Context Cross Checked And Proofreading
Knowledge Context Cross Checked and Proofreading

After the Learning Flow framework has been laid out, it is then filled with learning materials that comes from a variety of sources such as books, articles and people’s experience. The raw learning materials undergoes a series of changes and adaption to produce a final product where the materials are simple, concise and gives the best learning retention to its targeted audience. When these learning materials undergoes changes, it is imperative that its original meaning are kept intact.

In light of this, each converted materials are cross checked and proofread not only by experts but also by focus group to test and identify where and if any context meaning are lost.

Graphics Grinding And Smoothening
Graphics Grinding and Smoothening

With the framework and materials in place, it is then given vibrant life through the addition of graphics which can be pictures, videos, animation, music and custom models. But as they say, “art is subjective”. Each major graphics are “grinded” in which they are subjected to rigorous selection & modification process where colours, shapes, design, size are all adjusted to bring about a final product where a huge majority of users finds them engaging and vibrant.

Technology Polishing
Technology Polishing

Both learning framework and learning materials are fused and packaged together in technology of choice. The technology in question here covers but not limited to , Learning Management System, Web and Cloud Based and Virtual or Augmented Reality. As the technology are the means of delivery and consumption of the learning materials, these technology from a technical and business aspects are polished to ensure a seamless delivery in terms of speed, responsiveness and learner engagement.

All the required coding development, installation and external API’s are done to ensure the maximum potential delivery from these technology is met.

Finishing And Blind Test
Finishing and blind test

Finally at every project completion, documentation guides and assistance labeling is placed within the software and learning materials itself to ensure that there are no possible confusion when navigating and ensuring a smooth learning process. The guides and labeling serves as “FAQ” and support to both learners and admins.

A final quality control which includes a blind test focuses on few focus groups with no prior exposure to the project to test and evaluate the overall project independent ability to function and deliver on its own.

"Learning is a lifetime action, each and every experience we encounter in our lives helps us to be better. With learning so crucial to our core, there is no other choice than to do it perfectly."

"Learning is a lifetime action, each and every experience we encounter in our lives helps us to be better. With learning so crucial to our core, there is no other choice than to do it perfectly."

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